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winget install -e --id NumeRe.NumeRe

Solving and visualizing. Table based. Statistics and numerics. Optimized for science. Free of charge. GNU GPL v3.

NumeRe: Framework for Numerical Computations is an application for Microsoft Windows® that can do more than the usual spreadsheets. It provides you with nonlinear fits of arbitrary functions as well as a ODE solver. It can display 1D and 2D data easily and publication-ready with a simple command. Fourier transforms are included as well as wavelet transforms. Data is managed in a table-based manner and automatically saved, so you can quickly resume after a restart.

Simple tasks are simple

We never understood why you have to write as much code for simple things as for more complex tasks. Our mantra is therefore Keep simple things simple

Syntax as intuitive as a language

NumeRe's main goal is to be as intuitive as possible, which implies a syntax that is as simple and clear as possible. NumeRe does not try to be dynamically typed, but deliberately emphasizes that you understand what is happening as soon as you read the code. In addition, the advanced editor highlights different data structures in different colors, so the syntax may seem a bit "colorful and choppy" at first. But we can guarantee that you will appreciate it very soon.

Structure built in

When writing procedures, the deeply-integrated namespaces help you to keep order right away, because each folder automatically corresponds to a namespace. This makes it possible to have several procedures with the same name that are still unique. The editor supports you by auto-completion, as well as by displaying tooltips that show documentation and signatures of functions, commands and procedures.

Non-linear regression of a exponential decay
Attractive force field with the corresponding potential

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Use the commands and expressions shown to recreate the plots shown here and learn how easy it is to create a plot with NumeRe.
A typical session of NumeRe

NumeRe is open and free of charge

How can you contribute?

Convinced of Open Source and GPL? Fancy programming? A great idea? Or just intensive testing und playing around? That is always welcome!

Contact us!

With these possibilities you can reach us:

“In just a month, ...

... we have carried out basic simulations and successfully build a GUI for one of the simulations, which is already a testament to the simple, straightforward, and intuitive nature of the software. It also speaks about the documentation available [...]. We look forward to simulating more and even more complex physical systems and hope to keep having such an exponential learning curve.” 
Intern @ Daimler Truck AG

"For me NumeRe is a game-changing software for fast and efficient data analysis and data processing.

One of my favorite features is the auto versioning system, which allows you to easily browse through all versions of your document, enabling easy development tracing and tracking of past ideas or methods. [...]Another great feature is the auto documentation, where NumeRe automatically generates the documentation for your code from comments using a DoxyGen like syntax. [...].Last but not least, the debugger is one of the features that makes NumeRe so much easier to work with than even commercial alternatives. With a clean debugger window, you can have a direct view of key information like current variable values, callstack, and debugging controls."Technology Consultant @ INVENSITY

"Unlock the power of mathematics ...

... with the NumeRe data analysis framework for Windows, including 2D and 3D plotting, data fitting, matrix operations, and much more. I tested it: it is user-friendly, lightweight, and customizable - but for me, the most important thing was: it's for FREE!"
Physicist @ Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research 

Syntax examples

Type the following lines directly into the console in your NumeRe window to see the results. Comments (##) and the previous lines are not needed for a single line.

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