We'll show you how it's done!

On these pages you will find hints and explanations that will make your work with NumeRe easier and give you a first orientation. We have used examples that are easy to understand, but of course NumeRe can also handle more complex problems.

First steps

We help you with your first steps within NumeRe using examples for beginner and advanced user levels.

Data Analysis

We show you how to use NumeRe to load data, analyze it and derive results. The level is aimed at beginners with some prior knowledge of statistics and data analysis.


We will show you how to create simple and more complex programs with NumeRe, how to structure your code and how to write meaningful tests.

Graphical user interfaces

We will show you how to create graphical user interfaces with NumeRe. We will start with a simple example and show you the steps you need to take to develop your first interactive user interface.

Style guide

We will show you our best practices on how to get good and readable code that you can share with your colleagues without a guilty conscience.


We will show you some examples of plots and scripts to illustrate the capabilities NumeRe provides and how you can best use them.